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Charles L. Cohen

Writing Aids

DiacriticsStyle Sheet for Writing Papers




A paper Examples of an "A" Paper

Undergraduates wondering what I consider a superior paper can view four examples. These files include my original comments as well as additional remarks explaining why each essay deserved an "A."

History 343 #1
History 343 #2
History/Religious Studies 451 #1
History/Religious Studies 451 #2



Rewrite policyRewrite Policy

The best way to improve one's writing is to practice. Students wishing to improve their grades may rewrite a paper, but to gain credit they must substantially rework the original essay. Improvement often comes slowly, with grades usually improving by half-step or two, since revising a paper may call for many changes, and it is often better to concentrate on one improvement at a time. Occasionally, however, a student may make major improvements; note the differences between the original essay, written for Religious Studies 600, and the revision.



pen and inkThe Fifty-Word Sentence

50-word sentences help students write more concisely. You may view some outstanding examples that make points forcefully and succinctly, as well as an unsolicited testimonial from a former student. For a fuller discussion, read "The 50-Word Assignment," or post a comment on the UW-Madison Teaching Academy's Teaching and Learning Excellence site.



Writing CenterUW-Madison "Writing Across the Curriculum" Program

The Writing Center, 6171 H. C. White Hall, provides individual writing instruction, runs workshops on a variety of subjects (such as writing examination essays), and offers written aids through the Writer's Handbook. To schedule an appointment, stop by in person or call 263-1992. Students may also contact the Center via email. Writing Across the Curriculum helps instructors improve the writing component in their courses.