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Roger Hollingsworth is not the correct spelling of my name, it is Rogers Hollingsworth
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Email: Phone: 1 608 233 2215 (Madison, WI) 1 858 456 9947 (La Jolla, CA) Fax: 1 866 240 0904

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Professor J. Rogers Hollingsworth
The University of Wisconsin Department of History
Box 5044 Mosse Humanities Building
455 North Park Street
Madison WI 53706-1483

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List of Individuals Interviewed as Sources

Links to recent articles and books by Rogers Hollingsworth:

Major Discoveries, Creativity, and the Dynamics of Science. (Vienna: edition echoraum, 2011). With Ellen Jane Hollingsworth, and with the assistance of David Gear. (Available in the United States at and in Europe at or  Link to download free sample chapter and ordering information.

"Comment on 'The Complex Economic Organization of Capitalist Economies' (by Richard R. Nelson)," Capitalism and Society 6 (1) (August 2011) Article 5. doi: 10.2202/1932-0213.1081

"The end of the science superpowers: Could the end of US world dominance over research mark the passing of national science giants," Nature volume 454 (24 July 2008) pages 412-413. (with Karl H. Müller and Ellen Jane Hollingsworth)

"Transforming socio-economics with a new epistemology" (with Karl Muller) Socio-Economic Review volume 6 Issue 3 July 2008 (PDF)

"DISCUSSION FORUM on Transforming socio-economics with a new epistemology" Socio-Economic Review volume 6 issue 4 October 2008 doi:10.1093/ser/mwn015

Robert Boyer "The quest for theoretical foundations of socio-economics: epistemology, methodology or ontology?"

Ralph J. Greenspan "A biological perspective on complex networks for a new epistemology"

Renate Mayntz "Networks and self-organization: dissecting the model of 'complex networks'"

Helga Nowotny "Bargaining, not borrowing: on problem choice and problem space"

Didier Sornette "Interdisciplinarity in socio-economics, mathematical analysis and the predictability of complex systems"

"Scientific Discoveries: An Institutionalist and Path-Dependent Perspective" 2008

"The Dynamics of American Science: An Institutional and Organizational Perspective on Major Discoveries"

"High Cognitive Complexity and the Making of Major Scientific Discoveries"

"Institutionalizing Excellence in Biomedical Research: The Case of The Rockefeller University"

Advancing Socio-economics: An Institutionalist Perspective
    Contents, Reviews, Order Form
    Introduction to Part I: "On Socio-economic Concepts and Methods"
    Introduction to Part II: "On Institutions"
    Introduction to Part III: "On Social Systems of Production - and Beyond"
    Contributors Biographies

"Some Reflections on How Institutions Influence Styles of Innovation" (with Jerald Hage) Organization Studies

"Major Discoveries and Biomedical Research Organizations: Perspectives on Interdisciplinarity, Nurturing Leadership, and Integrated Structure and Cultures"

also at:

"Research Organizations and Major Discoveries in Twentieth-Century Science: A Case Study of Excellence in Biomedical Research"

"A Strategy for Analysis of Idea Innovation Networks and Institutions"

"Doing Institutional Analysis: Implications for the Study of Innovations"

"New Perspectives on the Spatial Dimensions of Economic Coordination: Tensions Between Globalization and Social Systems of Production"

"Coordination of Economic Actors and Social Systems of Production"

"The Institutional Embeddedness of American Capitalism"

"Countries and Sectors: Performance, Convergence, and Competitiveness"

"The Logic of Coordinating American Manufacturing Sectors"

A presentation by Rogers Hollingsworth with question-and-answer session is available as a Library Roundtable audio CD from:

The Neurosciences Institute

800 Silverado Street Suite 302

La Jolla, California 92037


Rogers Hollingsworth quoted in a Nature Special Report: "An indifference to boundaries" ("As some of the world’s largest universities undergo dramatic departmental restructuring to foster interdisciplinary research, John Whitfield asks whether they’re making the right move") February 21, 2008

Links to three video lectures by Rogers Hollingsworth in September 2008 at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia:

"Communication across Scientific Disciplines" ( 1:58)

"Creativity and Radical Breakthroughs in Science" ( 1:40)

"Individual Creativity and Radical Breakthroughs" ( 1:39)

Short Interview with Rogers Hollingsworth by Davor Orlič (Seven minutes)

An interview with Rogers Hollingsworth about his work which appeared (in German) in Der Standard (Vienna, Austria) on April 5, 2006     (Adobe Acrobat PDF version)

An interview with Rogers Hollingsworth about his work which appeared (in German) in heureka (Vienna, Austria) Issue 1, 2006

An interview with Rogers Hollingsworth about his work which appeared (in German) in Frankfurter_Allgemeine_Zeitung on May 16, 2004 on page 67     (Link to online version)

"Fostering Major Breakthroughs" by Laura L. Kiessling in ACS Chemical Biology
citing work by Rogers Hollingsworth

N.B. Rogers Hollingsworth is the correct spelling of my name, rather than Roger Hollingsworth. Sometimes people type Roger Hollingsworth into a search engine while looking for this page.