Advancing Socio-Economics: An Institutionalist Perspective

edited by J. Rogers Hollingsworth, Karl H. Müller and Ellen Jane Hollingsworth

with the assistance of David Gear and Greg Greenberg


Lanham • Boulder • New York • Oxford

For Robert Boyer, Amitai Etzioni, and Wolfgang Streeck


Preface ix    J. Rogers Hollingsworth, Karl H. Müller, Ellen Jane Hollingsworth

1 Advancing Socio-Economics 1    J. Rogers Hollingsworth

Part I: On Socio-Economic Concepts and Methods
Editors' Introduction

2 On Multi-Level Analysis 19    J. Rogers Hollingsworth

3 Towards a Socio-Economic Paradigm 37    Amitai Etzioni

4 The Future of Socio-Economics and of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics 51    Robin Stryker

5 On Socio-Economic Embeddedness 59    Karl H. Müller

Part II: On Institutions
Editors' Introduction

6 On Institutional Embeddedness 87    J. Rogers Hollingsworth

7 Actors, Paradigms, and Institutional Dynamics: The Theory of Social Rule Systems Applied to Radical Reforms 109    Tom R. Burns, Marcus Carson

8 Institutional Blindness in Modern Economics 147    Geoffrey M. Hodgson

9 Market Institutions as Communicating Vessels: Changes between Economic Coordination Principles as a Consequence of Deregulation Policies 171    Frans van Waarden

10 Civil Society and Social Order: Demarcating and Combining Market, State, and Community 213    Claus Offe

Part III: On Social Systems of Production and Beyond
Editors' Introduction

11 Social Systems of Production and Beyond 239    J. Rogers Hollingsworth

12 Globalization and Economic Adjustment in Germany 253    Peter A. Hall

13 National Institutional Frameworks and High-Technology Innovation in Germany: The Case of Biotechnology 277    Steven Casper

14 The Financial System of Industrial Finance and the Social System of Production 307    Sigurt Vitols

15 The Role of Institutional Processes in the Formation of Worker Cooperatives in Israel, 1924-1990 331    Raymond Russell, Robert Hanneman

16 Exporting the American Model: Historical Roots of Globalization 351    Marie-Laure Djelic

17 Institutional Pathways, Networks, and the Differentiation of National Economies 381    Jerald Hage, J. Rogers Hollingsworth

References 399

About the Contributors 435

Index 441


"This is a marvelous volume bringing together the diverse research frontiers of modern political economy, with chapters from many of the world's leading contributors. This institutionalist perspective is given coherence by Hollingsworth's penetrating introduction."

—David Soskice, Duke University and Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin

"This is a rich collection, with important contributions by European and U.S. authors that deepen our understanding of the varied institutional terrains of capitalist economies."

—Walter W. Powell, Stanford University, and Director, Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research 

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