Protest on the Page: Essays on Print and the Culture of Dissent Since 1865

University of Wisconsin Press (2015)

Co-Edited with James L. Baughman and James P. Danky


"The Prophet is Published"

Time Magazine (June 15, 2015)



"Black Nietzsche"

Raritan (Spring 2015)


Dissent Cover Page


"Over Our Dead Bodies"

Dissent (Winter 2014)

Designated as a "top read" of 2014 by Arts and Letters Daily


The American Prospect Cover

"Data Comes to the Culture Wars"

The American Prospect (March-April, 2013)


Wilson Quarterly Cover


"My Own Private Nietzsche: An American Story"

The Wilson Quarterly (Winter 2012)


Phlosophie Magazin Cover

"Obama's Liebling" ("Obama's Favorite")

Philosophie Magazin (July 2012)

New German Critique Cover

"Worldly Possessions: Nietzsche's Texts, American Readers, and the Intimacy and Itinerancy of Ideas"

New German Critique (Summer 2011)

Daedalus Cover

"Anti-Intellectualism as Romantic Discourse"

Daedalus (Spring 2009)

Journal of American History Cover

"Conventional Iconoclasm: The Cultural Work of the Nietzsche Image in Twentieth-Century America"

The Journal of American History (December 2006)

Modern Intellectual History Cover

"'Dionysian Enlightenment': Walter Kaufmann's Nietzsche in Historical Perspective"

Modern Intellectual History (August 2006)