Outline of, and guide to, History 123 lectures

(Lecture slides)


England and English history:  The Basics
The course of English history before 1688 in outline
Medieval Outline
Tudor-Stuart Outline


Prehistoric Britain
Roman Britain
The Decline of Roman Britain
Anglo Saxon England
Anglo-Saxon England II

Anglo-Saxon England - the spread of Christianity

Anglo-Saxon England IV

Anglo-Saxon England V -  Wessex and the Vikings
Anglo-Saxon England VI - Alfred the Great & his successors
Anglo-Saxon England VII - The Later Anglo-Saxon years
Anglo-Saxon England VIII  Cnut to Harold II (King Canute and the waves)


The Norman Conquest (The Battle of Hastings)
Norman government and administration
The Norman Church
Stephen, Matilda & Civil War
Henry II
Henry II and Common Law
Richard I

The Twelfth Century Renaissance

King John
The Crisis of John's reign
Magna Carta
The accession of Henry III
Henry III's personal rule
Henry III and rebellion
Medieval English society
The Medieval English Church
Medieval English government
Edward I
The wars of Edward I
Edward I and Parliament
Edward II
The Fall of Edward II
Edward III at war
Edward III and England
The Black Death
The Peasants' Revolt
Richard II
The Deposition of Richard II
Henry IV
Henry V
The End of the Hundred Years' War
Henry VI and the outbreak of the Wars of the Roses
The Wars of the Roses II  - 1460 - 1461
The Wars of the Roses III  - Edward IV to Richard III
The End of the Wars of the Roses
The Causes of the Wars of the Roses
Henry VII
The domestic and foreign policy of Henry VII
The accession of Henry VIII
Henry VIII and Cardinal Wolsey
England in 1529
The Henrician Reformation I
The Henrician Reformation II
Administrative and social reform
The last years of Henry and the accession of Edward VI
Edward and Somerset
Edward VI
Edward and the Fall of Northumberland
Queen Mary
The Mid Tudor Crisis
The Government of Elizabeth I
Elizabeth and her parliaments
Elizabeth I's foreign policy
Elizabeth's foreign policy (2)
England and Scotland in the reign of Elizabeth
Elizabeth and Ireland
The reign of Elizabeth  1558-1570
The reign of Elizabeth  1571- 1585
The reign of Elizabeth  1586 - 1603
Elizabethan trade and exploration
James I The Gunpowder Plot
The government of James I
James I & Buckingham
Charles I & Buckingham
The Crisis of 1626
The La Rochelle Expedition
The Petition of Right
The Death of Buckingham
The Personal Rule of Charles I
Charles isolated
The outbreak of Civil War
The first years of War
Changing fortunes of war
The end of Charles I
The rule of the Rump
Cromwell's Protectorate

The Collapse of the Protectorate

The Restoration

James II and the Glorious Revolution