What caused the English Civil War? Was it the inevitable result of long-term social, economic, or political developments, or was it simply the consequence of Charles I's stupidity and incompetence?

The English Civil Wars were caused by a multitude of things that were both a result of long term developments and the ineffectiveness of Charles I as king. The war pitted conservative Prysbeterians [sic] against radicals (social and religious).

Charles I was not a good king. He worked power of taxation and other policies over and above the approval of Parliment [sic]. He unfairely [sic] exerted his power.

Long term conditions also factor into this mess. Political conditions were right for a change and England had developed into a country that didn't need a king.

Socially there was also religious and political tensions between what was to become the Diggers and the Roundheads.

The mix of these factors lead [sic] to Civil War; the battle of P. Pan in 1648 and the execution of Chales [sic] I. The Council of State was the result of all of this.

A miserably bad essay.
Not only did the student give no evidence of knowing anything about the causes of the English Civil War, but also what little he/she did write was poorly expressed.
It is surprising how much nonsense can be fitted into such a short text.

NB Complete ignorance of English history when combined with a shameless assault on the spelling and grammar of the English language equals failing grades.